Read On Phonics

Read On is a Phonics programme for beginners who are just starting their journey in English reading and writing. Following the SATPIN approach, the series introduces reading and writing through phonics and blending. Letters for each sound are introduced one by one, with a story to read, a set of words to blend, and a set of vocabulary words to learn. This is supported by a variety of activities addressing the different learning styles.

 Count On Numeracy is a series dedicated to children aged 4-6. It aims to teach students how to count, add, and subtract numbers as well as recognise shapes and observe patterns through simple and entertaining classes. This series caters to different types of learners and provides teachers with a variety of activities to ensure a successful and fun learning experience.



Follows the SATPIN approach with step-by-step blending

Embraces every learning style

Targets the highest thinking levels in Bloom's Taxonomy

Incorporates drawing, speaking, and playing activities


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